Heavy Duty Aluminium Padded Bath Transfer Bench


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Transfer Bath Benches are designed to assist patients who have difficulty transferring in and out of the bathtub.


Lightweight height adjustable aluminium frame

Durable, watertight, heat-sealed vinyl padding on the seat and backrest provides extra comfort

Reversible backrest allows access from either the left- or right-hand side

Armrest provides extra security

Wide base with suction cups/tips for extra stability

Conditional warranty applies

Seat Height: 50.5cm to 61.5cm* 
Width at base: 77.5cm 
Depth at base: 50cm
Seat Width: 62cm
Seat Depth: 40.5cm
Weight Capacity: 160kg 
Net Weight: 5.0kg  

*Note: Seat height measurement refers to the top of the seat. The maximum clearance on the underside of the bench to clear a bath wall is 50cm.


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