About Us



Kylie - People Expert

Kylie loves transforming lives. She’s our Retail Leader and is responsible for all the big and important decisions. Kylie demands the highest standards of delivery for every single customer. She also loves a good frappe.



Michael - All Rounder

Michael is kind of person you want to be friends with. You may even want to share a beer with him after a hard week of work. Michael has been part of our team since 2015 and he always delivers service with a smile. Michael is our hard-working Technical Manager but you’ll see him out-and-about in our giant van with his beard and bright orange cap, helping people in our community get mobile. You can call him Mick. He likes it when people refer to him as “that young man”.



Euleen - Office Harmonist

Euleen is really, really good at making our customers happy. She basically puts the “You” in Euleen. Our resident organiser and clean-freak, Euleen is passionate about making customers her priority and she loves learning about new and innovative products. Euleen prefers it if you call her Euly, although she has also been known as “Darling”, “Love” and “Julie”.



Paul - Engineering Mastermind

Paul is basically our in-house crazy inventor. If you have something that needs fixing, he’s your person. Always one to think outside the box, Paul spends his time in our workshop repairing broken items. If he’s not in our workshop, he’s in his shed fixing mobility scooters, power chairs, cars, motorbikes and other random household appliances. If we can’t get a part to fix a problem, Paul will often make something because he’s pretty clever like that. Iced coffee and ice cream makes Paul very happy.



Natalie - The Multi-Tasker

Natalie is awesome at doing a lot of things at once. Between answering the phone, responding to emails, and tackling complex customer enquiries, Natalie always ensures she’s up-to-date with product knowledge so she can answer the curliest of questions. You might also see Natalie at expos or out in the community doing deliveries in our zippy Caddy van. Affectionately known as Nat, you can guarantee that despite being little, she has a big heart (and strong muscles, too!).



Lorinda - The Infinite Optimist

Lorinda always believes that the glass is half full, even when it might actually be completely empty. On her way to becoming an Occupational Therapist, Lorinda has a way of making your most challenging mobility goals feel possible. An avid learner, Lorinda’s biggest strength is understanding how assistive technology and adaptive equipment can empower you to reach optimal outcomes. She loves making every customer feel valued and has been known to make cups of tea for waiting customers.


Tiahla -

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The expert team at WOW! Mobility & Rehab have a huge range of knowledge to share with you. Whether you’re seeking the right solution for yourself, someone you care for or a patient, we’ll guide you to find the right solution for your needs. We’re here to help, so please ask.