High Temperature Medical Sheepskin, XXL 42”+


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High Temperature Australian Medical Sheepskin – These are Real Sheepskins, with natural leather backs, in the natural shape. All are washable and are straight wool fibre skins.


Incredible Softness- Added Comfort – The wool length on high temp Green is approx. 25-33mm long (exceeding Australian standards) premium-grade wool combed 8-times in multiple directions


Practical Comfort – Absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter


High Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance – Washable to 80 Degrees Celsius


These Hospital grade medical sheepskins have been developed to wash at high temperatures and help to care for and reduce the instances of pressure sores or pressure ulcers in bedridden or chair ridden patients.


These flexible lambskins can be used for:


Chair Throws

Bed underlays



Seat Pads

plus, much more 


Please Note: All measurements are approximate and all measurements are taken from the skin. Being a natural item, overall sizes will vary a little from skin to skin. Not all Medical Sheepskin are created equal or as good as this.



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