What makes a comfortable bedroom?

Let’s face it COVID-19 has meant we have fallen in love with our homes, especially the comfort of our bedroom. There are plenty of excuses as to why we feel tired and need more sleep.

The bedroom should be relaxing concentrating on noise, light and temperature.

So where to start?  

Reports suggest that in normal circumstances, we spend almost a third of our lives in bed so it only makes sense that we should be concentrating on making our bed as comfortable as possible. 

Let’s look at the mattress. 

Firstly, it is handy to know what type of mattress you should look at considering how you sleep. If you sleep on your side, then a soft bed will support and contour to your body curves. A medium mattress is excellent for those that sleep on their backs, providing support for your neck, back and spine. A firm mattress will keep your spine aligned if you sleep on your stomach.

WOW Mobility can supply several different mattresses made with many different layers and materials. Mattresses with a gel-infused memory foam help to regulate your body temperature. Latex is excellent for softness and its rebound characteristics. Solid foams increase the duration of the “new mattress feeling” and reduces the severity of body impressions over time. Some mattresses comprise of more than one of these materials to give you that extra comfy sleep.

Remember that a mattress generally lasts around seven years so consider that when looking at the price of a bed, and that how well you sleep is essential in how you get through each day. It is a worthwhile investment.

If you cant invest in a new mattress, don’t panic because WOW Mobility has several products that add comfort to your existing bed. Products such as the gel mattress pad giving you a more refreshing and more comfortable sleep. Great for those who suffer from hot sleeping temperatures, hot flushes, menopause, surgical treatments, radiation treatments or merely those that sleep hot. Also in stock at WOW Mobility is memory foam which contours to your body shape, diffusing pressure points from head to toe.

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